Platane supplies and installs where required every and any type of flooring you may be looking for

Carpets and runners

Despite losing out to wood flooring in certain areas of a property, carpets remain a very popular choice for bedrooms, stairs and landings.

The choice is immense from loop / twist / velvet / silk / sisals etc.. to type of material
(Man-made / wool / faux silk / bamboo / pure silk). 

Other issues to consider are stain proofing / moth proofing / suitability for stairs / tog ratings / correct underlays – again so many decisions!

      • Runners
      • Rugs
        • Bound
        • Bespoke Designs
        • Wool / Silk / Faux Silk
      • Fully fitted carpets
      • Sisal and Natural flooring

Bespoke and factory finished wood floors

Nowadays wood has become the No 1 most popular product for the main Reception rooms, entrance halls.

You have many decisions to make – species of wood, colour, width of plank, knots or no knots, lacquer or oil finish, brushed or unbrushed, solid or engineered, herringbone or plank, reclaimed or new, just to name but a few, and that is before you get onto the topic of sub-floor preparation, skirtings, underfloor heating etc.

We are here to help you through this potential minefield!

      1. Factory Finish
      2. Bespoke colours
      3. Prime Grades
      4. Wide Boards
      5. Reclaimed wood
      6. Chevron, Herringbone, Versailles Panels


Laminate used to be the dirty word of flooring – smacking of “cheapness” and “pretence” – but that no longer needs to be the case. Laminates nowadays can be so good that it makes them hard to tell apart from real wood flooring – they also have the added advantage of being practically “bombproof” and maintenance free – whilst being considerably cheaper than real wood.

Porcelain and stone

From farm house slabs, to polished marble tiles – a stone floor can totally change the feel of a property. Porcelain copies are also now so good in quality, that it can sometimes be hard to tell what is what! We import stone from around the world- the choice is immense.

      1. Internal / External stone
      2. Porcelain tiles
      3. Encaustic and mosaics
      4. Slab work / Worktops:
        1. Quartz
        2. Granite
        3. Corian
        4. Marble
        5. Limestone


Often used in kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms, vinyl can be a clever choice. Roll vinyls are very cost effective and easy to fit – hard vinyls take more preparation and are laid as individual planks or tiles giving a realistic stone or wood look that is exceptionally hard wearing.

      1. Soft Roll Vinyl
      2. Hard vinyl


Polished concrete (micro-cement)

Polished concrete is becoming increasingly popular on kitchen floors, bathrooms (walls and floors) and we have even laid it as a swimming pool surround. Unlike poured concrete, Micro-cement which is a combination of porcelain and cement does not need expansion gaps – nor does it suffer from micro-cracking to which its thicker poured version is susceptible. If you are looking for a seamless floor or wall with a slight industrial feel, then this is one you should consider…

Commercial flooring

We offer full supply and installation service on any commercial projects. This includes:

      1. Vinyls and safety vinyls
      2. Coving and capping
      3. Carpet tiles
      4. Barrier mats

Underfloor heating:

Who wants ugly old radiators!? And they get in the way of furniture – the solution is surely underfloor heating but which to go for!
We can help find the best solution with either:

      1. Water based
      2. Electric